Free at last! The war is over! Mission accomplished! After over seven years of horrible war, our men and women will finally be coming home to be with their families. The country of Iraq (and more importantly terrorism there) has been unquestionably defeated. Peace prevails (through force of course) and next time we decide to go into a country, kill hundreds of thousands of them and destroy their infrastructure for seemingly no reason, no one will question us. The Iraqi people now have everything they can ever want- they have no more maniacal leader, they have electricity for a few hours a day most of the time, and more importantly they have the peace of mind that comes with knowing they probably won’t get killed most times they walk to the corner store.

Oh wait– despite the fact that our fearless leader, the honorable Master Obusha, has told us combat is over and despite the child soldiers running idiotically down Iraqi streets screaming “we won”, it’s really not over. There are a couple obvious ways in which this occupation continues- there are still a very high number of troops who will remain overseas away from their families in danger. Although it is said that their only purpose is to train the Iraqi army, insiders say that the Iraqis are at least a decade away from being able to defend their own country.

The biggest military base in the world belongs to the United States military and is located in Iraq- and that’s just one of hundreds of bases we have throughout their country. The fact that billions of dollars were spent to build these monstrosities, leads one to believe that they are not just temporary structures designed to house US soldiers while they wait to go home. In fact, it seems pretty obvious that – if the administration has their way – US troops will never actually fully leave Iraq.

Let’s assume that no US (or NATO) soldier fires a weapon in the country of Iraq ever again. Let’s assume that there are no deaths that occur because an 18 year old Marine played too many video games and drank too much Red Bull. Let’s assume that these enormous bases will eventually be turned over to the Iraqi Army. Great. The only thing is that tens of thousands of mercenaries still remain in the country. Fact is that the occupation of Iraq by US troops is slowly drawing to a close, but the private army will remain. The private armies that do not have to follow any laws, which cannot be disciplined or get dishonorably discharged, are roaming the streets of Iraq with some serious weaponry. I don’t have the time or the attention span to go into why this is possibly the scariest part of the US military industrial complex, but one day I will.

We can fool ourselves into thinking that these mercenaries are just there to keep the peace. We can tell ourselves that their jobs are to protect USers who come to visit or to make sure the President of Iraq (whoever that is…Obama?) doesn’t get shot driving down the street. Even if this were the case, and assuming every single US troop will be out of Iraq within the next year, I would make the argument that the war is not actually over, that wars are never truly over. How many tens of thousands of people – hundreds of thousands, if not millions if we include Iraqi civilians – have seen combat (or other fucked up, life-altering events) some time in the past seven years in Iraq? The vast majority of these people will be changed forever and not in a good way. Many of them will end up killing themselves or other innocent people. What about the families of these people? What about their friends? What about the people who will have their lives changed by someone with PTSD? What about the next generation? Are these soldiers going to be able to come home to peace and quiet or will they be shipped out to Afghanistan or Pakistan or Somalia or Yemen or…?

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