I do not have a problem with the idea of police. Even in an ideal world, I imagine it would be fine – maybe even needed – for a group of people to be in charge (with much oversight) of fairly resolving disputes and serving the needs of the public. I haven’t done enough research to find out if the idea of the police started like this or not, but I imagine on some level that it did. Over the years police everywhere have become more corrupt, more power hungry, and more abusive. They have a duty to protect landowners and corporations against the unruly mobs that are the working class.

I cannot imagine a need for a permanent standing military however. I can understand that, even in a so-called borderless world, where we run in tribes or small villages, there is a need to protect what belongs to one. If, in times like this, an army were to spring up, I do not completely see a problem with it, but to have what we have now is excessively overboard.

Many people (probably most people) believe that there is a need for police. They believe that some police are in it for the wrong reasons, but the overall doings of the US police forces are directed at helping us. On the same note, they believe that the US is or should be in charge of policing the world. They believe that we are just doing our duty when we drop bombs on Yemen or send pilotless drones to destroy villages.

What I am imagining today is a police force that protects and serves those who need the most protecting and serving, and an army that does the same. If we were to cut the amount of money that goes to ‘defense’ and wars in half, using the cut half for things like schools and libraries, and then reorganize the role of the DoD, I think we could be on to something. If, when Afghanistan is being overrun by so called terrorists, the US Army went to the most affected parts of that country and used a very, very miniscule percentage of their budget to build schools and infrastructure, would we be where we are? If, instead of ousting popular leaders, the US would have spent the same amount of money to insure that Haitians were well educated, had buildings that could withstand natural disasters, and were able to support themselves; the tragedy of last year’s earthquake would have been much less. What if, instead of spending hundreds of billions to train Pakistani militants and to drop bombs, the US would have done the same thing as in Afghanistan and Haiti, would hundreds of thousands of people be starving and homeless?

If these things were done fifty years ago, the “need” for police and the military would be minimal. If these structures were put in place, the budget for things like militarizing the police forces or training hundreds of thousands of people to be killers, would be little to none. Imagine that? The United States and the world would be in a better position today and in the future if, instead of killing and raping, we simply educated and helped. Strange, I know.

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