I don’t know how to get across what I want to say today. I have written the first paragraph three times now, and yet it’s all just random babble. Every morning when I read articles, I’m struck with an immense sadness about where the world is going. I have heard so many times that we here in the USA have moved beyond racism – after all, we have a black president – but this is one of the most untrue things I have ever heard. We have a prison-industrial system that is nothing more than modern day slavery, there are hundreds of thousands of people in the streets throughout the country for no other reason than to show how much they hate Muslims, and every brown person is called a Mexican and is assumed to be here illegally.

Sure, hatred is one of the foundations of our country. There was slavery, then every one hated the Irish, then Italians, then Asians, then Jews, then… the list continues. Then the sixties came and everyone fought for equal rights. New laws were made and race relations got slightly better on the surface. However, what has been happening for the past couple years shows that the hatred did not go away, in fact it probably didn’t even lessen. For the past thirty years it has been brewing just below the surface. The election of a black president, the economic downturn (blamed on the Mexicans) and mosques being built have busted everything out into the open.

There are incidences all over the country over the past few months of brown people (illegal Mexicans to some, human beings to others) being attacked for whatever reasons, by good ol’ patriotic ‘Mericans. There are examples here about how we are headed for something bad. I don’t know what it is, but all this rising hatred against people who are different (who are slowly making up more and more of the country) has to explode somehow. We have elected officials being openly racist, we have beatings and killings of people who are different, and we have mid-term elections that will be based solely on undocumented workers and the building of mosques.

I can’t put into words what I think about this stuff. I believe that we are taught about others from the minute we’re born. We are laughed at if we relate to a tree or (as adults) play in the mud. When we’re at the point where people who care about all humans and their environment are marginalized by the genocide committing, hate spreading people who control their lives, something is fucked up.

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