I have studied slavery; Africans were kidnapped from their homeland, forced to spend weeks and months on a boat (where most would die) and then sold once they reached their destination. They would then live their entire lives as property. They were encouraged to have children, in order for the so-called owners to have more property. If they spoke back they were killed, if they tried to run away they were killed, if they learned to read or write they were killed, if they spoke to a white person in the wrong way they were killed.

I have studied the women’s rights movement; for hundreds (if not thousands) of years of white male dominated culture, women were treated as objects (and I’m not claiming that many women still are not, just as I’m not saying slavery is over). They were born as property of their fathers and then bought by some lucky man. They were on this earth to rear children and take care of the household duties. If they talked back, cheated, or attempted to leave, their owners had a right to kill them.

I have studied the civil rights movement; generations after the end of slavery, black people were still being lynched, locked up, and denied other basic human rights. White people had their own establishments, their own seats on the buses, their own (cleaner) water fountains and bathrooms. Although they were not called slaves, if someone was black they were treated as less than someone with a lighter colored skin.

The list of people who were denied human rights for decades and then fought back, goes on and on; the examples are endless. In all of these situations (and more) I have agreed with the downtrodden who chose to fight back. It doesn’t matter what their means were; they were people who had been oppressed for their entire lives and decided that they couldn’t and wouldn’t take it anymore, so they rose up.

Now there is another group of people rising up. Is it black people, realizing that slavery hasn’t ended, that the prison industrial complex is still keeping them down? Is it women, realizing that although some positive changes have been made, the only way a woman gets the same respect as a man is if the acts like a man, and even then not-so-much? Is it Muslims who have finally had enough of the fact that they are being blamed for the acts of a very small amount of people who have similar beliefs? It’s none of these people, instead it is the upper-class (and middle-class, who think they are on the verge of becoming upper) white people who are finally fighting back. After years of being denied…um….the right to have a white president, they are finally fed up. Responding to the threat that they may one day have to pay the same amount of taxes as their poorer counterparts, these courageous, often misunderstood, severely oppressed group of people are finally fighting back. Hopefully not too many lives will be lost, and one day soon these poor, poor people will get to experience the freedom that they have so long denied other…oh, I mean that they have so long been without…

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