There are certain news items that one cannot avoid, no matter how much effort is put forth to do so. For a few months it was the presidential election, but now that that’s over the media is focusing its attention on the David Petraeus ‘scandal’. As with almost everything covered by the corporate press, I’m confused with the way it’s being presented and received. I’ve seen reports in a couple different places that Petraeus’ extra-marital affair is just a cover for the fact that the CIA has been caught running drugs in exchange for weapons (shocking) but that’s not what I want to focus on. As much as I don’t give a flying fuck where David Petraeus’ penis has been, I’d still like to talk about his affair, but first, a little background.

In 1994 Petraeus was the Chief Operations Officer for a military unit deployed to Haiti. The purpose of this mission (as is the purpose of all US military missions) was supposedly to bring democracy to the island of Haiti. In reality, the military was there (along with many other countries, as part of the UN peacekeepers) to overthrow popular president Jean-Bertrand Aristide and replace him with someone who’s policies were friendlier to the US. Many people were killed, Haiti slipped back into being a country controlled by foreign powers, real democracy upended, and Petraeus was widely hailed for his role in this heinous mission.

In 2003, he was promoted Major General and led US forces into Iraq where he was in charge of the division responsible for the longest (and probably most brutal) helicopter assault in the history of recorded warfare. This murder spree led to a book, which increased Petraeus’ popularity and folklore. While in Iraq he helped “jumpstart their economy” and set up local elections within weeks of arrival. Instead of being considered a colonizer, he was treated (in the US at least) as a hero, despite the fact that the area he was in charge of collapsed into violence almost immediately after he left. He was promoted to Lieutenant General for these actions.

Soon after his promotion he was put in charge of training Iraqi police and troops in killing of their own people. This cost over eleven billion dollars of our tax money, turning over one hundred thousand Iraqi’s into trained killers. While many consider an act like this to be disgusting- taking money that could feed every hungry person in the world and using it for the purpose of expanding the US Empire– it only furthered this man’s career and reputation. No one paid any attention to the fact that much of the money and over 30% of the weapons sent to Iraq during this time later ended up in the hands of insurgents. Petraeus was then made head of all forces in Iraq.

While holding this responsibility, Petraeus was the mastermind behind the first Iraq surge, sending tens of thousands of young USers into the battlefield. Despite the many deaths (both US, and, even more so, Iraqi) Petraeus was again regarded as a hero and showered with praise and awards.

He then headed up the US Central Command, essentially putting him in charge of colonizing 20 countries, mostly in Southeast Asia. After that, he was managing US operations in Afghanistan. While in charge, he apologized for US troops accidentally killing 9 Afghan boys, and received numerous blow jobs from the corporate media for his humanity.

After almost twenty years of horror, Patraeus decided to retire from the US Army. Months later he was rewarded when Obama nominated him to head the CIA, a nomination which passed in senate 94-0. He headed the secret police for just over a year, committing atrocities well hidden from public view.

In order to attain the awards and positions that Mr. Petraeus did, one has to be a racist, sexist, homophobic, nationalistic, cold-blooded, sociopathic, killer. What amazes me is that this kind of behavior is rewarded over and over again in our society. Petraeus was promoted and patted on the back for being responsible for potentially millions of deaths. He will go down in history as one of the greatest generals of all time because of all of the foreign people who’s he either had a hand in killing or turning into killers. Had he continued his career of torture, killing, and helping corporations reap giant profits from genocide, he would go down in history as one of the greatest ‘Mericans of all time. However, his image will forever be tarnished because he probably cheated on his wife.

Despite my views on marriage, I do not condone cheating. If you make a commitment to only be with one person (whether that’s before the state, your god, or just that other person) you should live up to it. Someone who doesn’t live up to their commitments is lacking something in character. However, I can’t seem to wrap my brain around this being considered a mortal sin in the eyes of the public, while murder and colonization are viewed by the majority to be manly and patriotic.


Progress at all costs; the state or Oregon has the right to kick an old woman out of the house she’s been living in for decades because they need more roads.

Private prisons are saving money by letting the gangs run the prisons. Probably not worse than the guards, but definitely not better.


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