If there is still a trace of doubt in anyone’s mind about the role of government, I hope to be able to change it now. I would like to tell you the story of a little boy named Cash Hyde; a boy who garnered massive media attention during his much too short four years of life, a boy who beat cancer with the help of cannabis and who died too early because of our government.

When Cash was twenty months old, his parents – residents of Missoula, Montana – got some of the worst news that any parent could hear; their son had a brain tumor. Naturally, they listened to their doctors and watched as their son underwent all the tortures of modern medicine- chemotherapy, radiation, and brain surgery. As is the case with the overwhelming majority, none of these expensive solutions work (in fact, after the radiation, Cash suffered massive seizures) and the Hyde’s grew desperate. That’s when they discovered cannabis.

Cash did not smoke joints, or take bong rips, but instead ingested cannabis oil with a high amount of CBD’s (THC’s lesser known, more medicinal, less psychotropic sister) in his daily smoothies. While introducing cannabis oil to Cash’s system, they began weaning him off of the massive amount of pharmaceutical drugs he was taking. Almost immediately, he began to recover. He hadn’t eaten anything solid in 40 days, suddenly he was eating like a normal two-year old. Instead of sleeping 16 hours per day and throwing up for the other 8, he was behaving like a child without a brain tumor. Within days, his cancer went into remission.

The Hyde’s knew they were breaking federal law, but I imagine they valued the life of their son above the authority of our so-called leaders. They did everything they could to follow the guidelines laid out by the state of Montana, where marijuana is legal for medicinal purposes. They probably figured that the alleged human beings who make up the federal government would see what cannabis did for Cash and finally change their draconian drug laws; or at the very least, admit that cannabis has medicinal qualities. They went to a doctor, who recommended cannabis for Cash. They sent the recommendation, along with a fee to the state of Montana, who approved Cash. They then grew the amount of plants they were legally allowed to grow, while shopping at dispensaries for the rest. Life was looking like it might eventually resemble normalcy for the Hyde’s. Then, the government did what they do best.

Last summer, when Cash was four, the local, state, and Federal government began cracking down hard on medical cannabis. The state changed the law, so that Cash’s parents were only allowed to grow and posses half the amount they were previously. This caused the Hyde’s to cut down half their harvest and look elsewhere to fill in for the missing medication. Unfortunately, the federal government began cracking down on dispensaries, causing almost all of them to either get shut down or leave the industry voluntarily. Cash’s supply of life saving oil was almost non-existent. Within weeks, the cancer came back.

In a matter of mere months the tumor grew to bigger than its original size. Although Cash had a positive attitude, the lack of cannabis caused him to be in as much pain as he experienced before discovering the medicine. Two weeks ago he told his parents that he didn’t want to be stuck with needles anymore. Last week, in his father’s arms, he passed away. I don’t know enough law to know the legal definition of murder, but from a moral standpoint, the US government (with the help of their local Montana underlings) killed Cash Hyde. Capitalism, which acts exactly like cancer and can only survive through constant growth, killed Cash Hyde. If only it ended there.

Cash died at home, and his father called his social worker, who called the police, who then showed up at the home of the grieving Hyde family. Were they there to “serve & protect” the Hyde family? Did they arrive so promptly in order to apologize for their sociopathic brothers and sisters who care more about money and power than a little boy’s life? Was it their intention to announce that they would no longer blindly follow orders, but instead listen to their conscience? Of course not. They were there to demand the boy’s body. These gangsters arrived at the home of a family whose four-year old son had just painfully and needlessly died.

I don’t know whether or not they left with Cash’s remains because I can’t find any detailed articles. I do know that the city of Missoula is angry, as we all should be. Sure, you may know a police officer or a DEA agent who is a caring mother or volunteers for the Red Cross, but it baffles me how anyone can still believe that the government we pay for does anything resembling what they were created for.


Despite the corporate media’s insistence that no one showed up, Walmart protests set records.

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